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 According to the first World Report on Disability (WHO and World Bank, 2011), around 15% of the population of a country has some disabilities. Of them, on average, about 2.2% of persons have significant difficulties in functioning and require support. Thus, out of the 44.31 million total population of the North Eastern Region, based on the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, we can expect a total of 6.6 million persons with some disabilities (15%). Out of them,...

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Meet The Team

debendra pres1.png

Chungangbam Devendra Singh
Founder President

Vice Pres1.png

Takhellambam Shanta Singh
Vice President


Chingangbam Ongbi Asha Devi

Social Statistical Division

Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation

Government of India

Manipur Disabilities Census 2011


Person with Disability Registration


We’re United in Addressing Disability Needs

New Hope Life Foundation believes in order for the disabled to be successful, they must be empowered to meet their educational and employment goals. However, in order to do that, there are certain disability needs that we, as a community, must provide. Despite the existence of theIndian with Disabilities Act in India, the disabled community is still experiencing a wide accessibility gap. We see it in the large numbers of students having unmet needs that impact their education. It shows in the low employment percentage for those who fall within this group. We need more than just laws and regulations to meet the disability needs of our communities. New Hope Life Foundation realizes it takes a united effort to bridge the large gap in our world’s accessibility. That’s why we focus our work on meeting these needs as effectively as possible. Our nonprofit focuses on three goals: build awareness of the accessibility gap, provide resources to disabled individuals in need, and provide funding for new technology as well as research toward finding cures for rare diseases...... READ MORE

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